01. About me

Hello! I'm Abdulsamii // { alias: 'Jalasem' } 🤓, a software engineer
based in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

I have over 5 years of experience, learning, exploring, teaching and leading engineering teams to build applications and solutions that span across several sectors for small businesses and enterprise.

I'm always motivated to build or lead people to come up with what users will love and will satisfy business requirements. I am dynamic in my operations and I'm always yearning to make an impact with every line of code.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • HTML & (S)CSS
  • Vue/Nuxt
  • React/Redux
  • ReactNative
  • Figma
  • Node.js
  • UI/UX
02. Where I've worked

Lead Program Facilitator @CodeVillage

2019 - till date

  • Design the Fullstack and algorithm curriculums.
  • Supervise other facilitators and ensure no student is left out irrespective of their learning pace and individual differences.
  • Perform logistical support duties which include booking and organizing sessions, processing payments and maintaining records & resources.
  • Provide customer service information and assistance to the public, staff and volunteers.
  • Provide crowd control and group management.

Technical Team Lead @FluidAngle

2018 - 2019

  • I build performant applications and write maintainable code for business across sectors.
  • I manage a diverse tech team ranging from creative designers to Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Engineers.
  • I manage stakeholders and company clients, communicating progress and development promptly.

Expert Mentor & Freelancer @Codementor.io

May 2018 - Present

  • I give live mentorship and help developers with problems or give advice related to programming tasks or application development and deployment
  • I consult and handle projects for clients through Codementor.
  • I write technical articles.

Backend Engineer @SWIPE Max

2017 - 2018

  • Built real-time dashboard APIs for financial technology applications.
  • Collaborated with the Designers and Frontend team to build apps with complex requirements.

Senior Developer & Frontend Team Lead @CodeSquad

Feb 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Designed and Developed applications for clients in an agile environment utilizing a test-driven development approach.
  • Created and maintained project schedule and technical documentation and acted as liaison between business, QA and development team.
  • Evaluate, prepare a report and make suggestions on applicants interviewed for the HR department.

Javascript Engineer @PackerLabs

Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

  • Built dashboards and applications using Javascript and Firebase to implement real-time data fetching and push notifications.

Senior Software Engineer @Cinsol

Mar 2014 - Jun 2016

  • Coordinated design and development operations related to frontend projects.
  • Manually tested websites we built for cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness.
03. Some Things I've Built
Featured Project Heroshe

Heroshe is an online shipping platform that delivers your purchased items from any online store in the US to your doorstep in Nigeria. It delivers your purchased items within 8-14 days.


Featured Project Nairaworks

A platform for purchasing Gift cards that span across the eCommerce, Travel and Premium services.


Featured Project Knowcovid19

A website that tracks and inform people about COVID-19 coronavirus in Nigeria. It features Live data, New, Risk checker and more



Other Noteworthy Projects

Open Source Articles Fun Stuff


A package that helps you process a string as a template against object keys or nested keys. A perfect use case is an email template.


Kuda Node.js Library

NodeJS wrapper for making a secure request to Kuda API. Kuda Bank is designed for your smartphone, free of ridiculous charges and great at helping you budget, spend smartly and save more


Frontend Learning Resource

Get started on your path to learning frontend development or discover new ways to ramp up your skill on the frontend development path.


USSD App Development with Javascript

A detailed article that explains how to build (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) USSD application with Javascript. This can be adopted into an existing architecture to support USSD for diverse use cases.


Getting Started with Nuxt.js on Now

This guide will help you get started using Nuxt.js with Now by covering a variety of topics from Installing Now to deploying your Nuxt.js application with a single command.


Setting up VSCode for development

This tutorial was written to serve as a hands-on guide for anyone to customize Visual studio code (VSCode) & get productive with it in no time.


The amazing Vue cli GUI

With the Vue GUI, you can create and manage your local VueJS applications. All you need to get started is to have the latest VUE cli installed


AMA Session with Jalasem | Nov 24, 2018

An exclusive interview on Ingressive slack published on my medium page.


Materializecss Starter

A Starter boilerplate for Materializecss, ionicons, font-awesome and Animatecss


Colored (Sample Blog)

A Sample minimal blog. One of the projects I use to teach Fullstack JS Training at my University in 2017


Apple Finder + Desktop UI

Playing with CSS replicating the Apple Finder and the Mac Desktop


04. Wanna reach me?

Get In Touch

I am open to new job opportunities. If you wanna get in touch, talk to me about a project collaboration or just say hi, click the button below or send an email to [email protected] and ~let's talk!